Friday, October 27, 2006

Online Chat Rooms

Go to chat rooms:


2) Online Games [counterstrike, world of warcraft, diablo II, starcraft]

And promote your site, not necessarily spamming*, but use it as a personal press release.

Ex: is offering x, y, and z. OR "your slogan"

say it a couple times, in reasonable intervals, then move on to another channel/game.

If you happen to play a role playing game such as World of Warcraft already, you should try either buying some cheap gold on Ebay, or using your own. Then offering say 1gold to new players to sign up for your newsletter or post on your forums.

If you do try this out, please drop me a comment and tell me how it goes, I love to hear my ideas turn into success stories.


Sounds pretty basic, but if you want some traffic, going out to other forums and posting is a solid way of creating traffic.

A few major forums that I would suggest posting to:

*The Shameless Plug Forum at The Koala Network*

Spamming is frowned upon and will end up biting you. Lurk a little bit and even if you make a few posts in popular threads, having a link back to your site in your signature will bring in more traffic then you'd think.

And remember if you contribute a helpful or atleast interesting post, it will draw clicks to your URL in your signature.